SOMC Foundation

The SOMC Foundation has several defined purposes. Members receive Southern Ohio Medical Center updates on a regular basis during their meetings, and are asked to share that information in the community with colleagues, friends and families.

Members serve as ambassadors for the medical center providing the eyes and ears needed to promote the medical center, and relay community concerns and problems to SOMC leadership. Members participate in medical center events such as open houses and receptions to provide community linkages with SOMC physicians and employees.

Members hold annual fund-raisers, to support the medical center with additional dollars for technology, equipment and the SOMC Endowment Fund. The goal is to raise money and strengthen community relations between the medical center and the people in the community. The recipients for funds are considered on an as needed basis at meetings.

Members are selected based on their interest in and commitment to the community and are proposed by present members of the board. The SOMC Board of Directors approves board members. Membership is limited to twenty-five persons.

Meetings are held monthly, and members are encouraged to attend on a regular basis.


For more information, please call

 (740) 356-2716