Ohio Hospital Compare Results

To view the Ohio Hospital Compare results please click here http://ohiohospitalcompare.ohio.gov.

What is Ohio Hospital Compare?

Ohio Hospital Compare is designed to help healthcare consumers evaluate and compare the quality of care delivered by Ohio hospitals. Along with the recommendations of your physician, Ohio Hospital Compare can help you make informed decisions about where to seek care. Ohio Hospital Compare allows you to compare hospitals based on 12 categories:  Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Heart Surgery, Stroke, Pneumonia, Surgical Care, Infection, Infection Prevention, Patient Safety, Patient Satisfaction, Children's Asthma, and Pregnancy/Delivery. These categories are made up of process measures and outcome measures. Process measures are measures that reflect processes that are considered optimal for patient care (i.e. giving an Aspirin on arrival to Heart Attack patients). Outcome measures are measures that reflect negative outcomes that hospitals can sometimes help avoid by using proper techniques (i.e. development of bed sores). At SOMC, we are proud of the quality that we provide to our community and the standings of our quality results in the state. We encourage you to examine our quality results and compare us to our competitors when making decisions about your healthcare needs.