Mistakes New Leaders Make: Undercommunicating

Justin Clark, MBA

This twelve week series is a collection of my personal experiences as a new leader over the past three years. These are not only mistakes that I have made, but that I continue to make at times. I hope that by sharing my experiences, readers will be able to navigate their role as a leader more skillfully. 

What are the barriers to doing this?

We are all busy. Especially as a new leader, we may feel the need to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. In this case, we may neglect to take the necessary time to communicate effectively so that tasks that appear more fruitful may be completed. We often do not realize the long term consequence of undervaluing communication.

What is the case for doing it anyway?

Communication is absolutely imperative to successful leadership. The harm in not communicating enough is far greater than communicating too much. Failing to communicate effectively will damage relationships with your coworkers. It may lead to distrust, a lack of confidence, or any number of other less than desirable perceptions.

How can you do it?

1.  Be organized.

2.  Be consistent in how you communicate.

3. Always close the loop.

4. Don’t be afraid of over-communicating.

How do you strive to communicate effectively?

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