A Hematologist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the

A few of the blood disorders that our physicians specialize in include the following:

Dr. Thomas Summers or Dr. Yinong Liu may order several blood tests to help check for certain diseases and conditions. Specific blood tests can also help provide information that tells your physician how well organs like your kidneys, liver and heart are working and show how well you respond to the treatments they may have ordered. The tests will help our doctors diagnose specific blood disorders and diseases.

On Site Laboratory

For the comfort of our patients we have a laboratory on site at the SOMC Cancer Center. The blood tests your physician orders can be drawn here at the Cancer Center. Our lab is staffed with highly skilled medical laboratory technicians who are very experienced in their work and do an excellent job.

Who do you call if you have questions?

Call the SOMC Cancer Center at (740) 356-7490 or toll free 1-888-722-8787, or e-mail us if you have questions.

The SOMC Cancer Center accepts self-referral if you have a diagnosis of cancer. If you do not have a diagnosis of cancer but believe that you need a radiation oncology referral please as your family physician or other physician specialist set up an appointment for you.