SOMC Oncology Nurses

Our team is available to guide oncology nursing practice through education and competency, by using evidenced based practice related to clinical issues.

Please call one of our team members if you have an oncology question, or a patient whose treatment you would like to better understand.

Oncology Resource Team Publications and Education

Local Chapter of Oncology Nursing Society

Oncology nurses are invited to join the local chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society, known as the Ohio River Cities Chip. This newly established group is dedicated to providing educational and community service opportunities for its members and guests and is working toward charterization. It will be recognized as a new chapter during the national ONS Congress in the Spring of 2009.

Those who are interested in joining or learning more about the chapter may do so by calling Nancy Jacobs at 356-8736 or Kelly Lawson at 356-7490.