SOMC Healthy Partner Program

SOMC's employee wellness program is called the Healthy Partners program. The name represents the partnership focused on health between SOMC, our employees, our physicians, and our community. SOMC has had a wellness program since 1994. The original program was participation based. The program changed to results based program in October 2011. Participation in Healthy Partners is voluntary and open to all employees and their eligible spouses.

The structure of the program focuses on eating healthy, increasing activity, avoiding tobacco use, use of preventative measures, managing chronic conditions, and managing emotional health. SOMC has dedicated Health & Wellness Case Managers to help manage the employee's needs regarding any of the above mentioned processes. SOMC has made a commitment to the management of chronic conditions by offering counseling through our Employee Health & Wellness office.

The elements of the Healthy Partners program consist of:

A lump sum bonus is earned for meeting the target goals for the following six indicators:

*Employees can earn a LIFE Center (gym) membership for documented activity minutes.

Health Risk Assessment

Click here for your Health Risk Assessment Instructions.

For more information on regarding SOMCs Healthy Partners program please refer to our
Healthy Partners booklet or contact our Employee Health & Wellness office at 356-8742.