Family Practice Residency

Southern Ohio Medical Center offers the resident a challenging and stimulating environment through the Family  Practice Residency Program. Located in Portsmouth, Ohio, the program provides medical care for a population of more than 27,307 rural residents. This is a rare opportunity to see first-hand the facets of family practice that foster independent thinking, effective management principles and the delivery of quality medical care.

The program is approved by the AOA for 12 positions. The residents are supervised by Justin S Greenlee, DO, SOMC FP Program Director, a clinical assistant professor of family practice and Phillip Roberts, DO, SOMC FP Associate Program Director and SOMC DME . Under Dr.'s. Greenlee and Roberts direction with the resources of SOMC in the city of Portsmouth, residents have access to the expertise of CORE faculty members from across the spectrum of medical specialties including general and specialty internal medicine, critical care, general and selective surgery, pediatrics, geriatrics, radiology, emergency medicine, behavioral medicine, obstetrics and gynecology.

The program is certified through the Program and Training Review Council of the American Osteopathic Association, and recently received a five-year certification



About Family Practice Residency at SOMC