Choose Nursing at SOMC

Nurses are in Demand

A nursing degree guarantees a job.

Nurses have Education Choices

There are many educational options for students interested in nursing. Licensed practical nursing programs are available at many schools, including our own Scioto County Joint Vocational School. Most universities and colleges (including Shawnee State University in Portsmouth) offer both two-year degrees for nurses and 4-year bachelor's degrees. Master's degrees and special certifications for different areas such as critical care, family nursing, pediatrics, emergency care, oncology, and midwifery are also available.


For more information, call

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Attention RNs and LPNs: If you don't find an available nursing position that you are interested in listed on our jobs online page, contact Katy Stephens, Nurse Recruiter to find out what very good things are happening at SOMC.


Nursing is challenging

Nursing is changing all the time, growing with technology and new procedures. It's exciting to think about what medicine will be like for our future nurses.

Nursing is rewarding

As a nurse, you change lives. You help people heal. You make a difference. The desire to go into nursing is often referred to as a "calling." That's because it takes a special person to be a nurse. And the personal rewards are phenomenal.

Nurses make good money

The starting salary range for an entry-level staff nurse varies. An estimated range, nationally, is $35,000 to $45,000 per year plus additional pay for evening, night and weekend shifts. Nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and nurses with advanced degrees make considerably higher salaries.

SOMC offers great benefits

Our employees have access to medical, dental and vision insurance. We offer retirement programs and financial benefits like disability coverage, life insurance and educational assistance. We also provide services like payroll deduction, sick child care, cell phone contract discounts (AT&T and Sprint), local merchant discounts and much more.

Visit our benefits page for more information or download our Benefits at a Glance booklet.