Cardiac Rehabilitation

At Southern Ohio Medical Center, we believe there is life after coronary heart disease, and we have hundreds of "graduates" of our program to prove it. Cardiac Rehabilitation combines education, exercise and support to help you regain your confidence and live again.


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Who is a good candidate for rehab?

Our program is designed for those who have experienced a heart attack, have had bypass surgery, angioplasty, stent insertion, or who may be at high risk for development of heart problems due to diabetes, hypertension, obesity or arteriosclerosis.

What does Cardiac Rehabilitation involve?

SOMC offers three phases of cardiac rehabilitation:

Phase I

Phase I begins while you are still in the hospital. This phase consists of teaching and instruction. The focus is to help you better care for your condition and to progress slowly to a low level of activity.

Phase II

Phase II is completed at the SOMC LIFE Center. This phase of cardiac rehabilitation focuses on helping you regain your independence through exercise and education. Participants meet three days a week for twelve weeks. You will wear a wireless heart monitor during your exercise sessions.

Our staff, which includes an exercise physiologist and cardiac rehabilitation nurse, will closely monitor your sessions and your progress. Our professionals work with your physician and the program's medical director to tailor your program to fit your needs and goals. The skills of a registered pharmacist and dietician may also be utilized to give you an individualized approach to treatment.

Educational topics addressed in Phase II:

Phase III

Phase III allows you to continue your exercise program in the comfort and security of the SOMC LIFE Center. You will no longer need to wear a heart monitor during exercise, but an exercise physiologist and registered nurse oversee your program. This phase of cardiac rehabilitation offers participants the support that they need to effectively transition from the more intense phase of rehab to continuing their fitness goals on their own.

If I had my heart surgery at another facility, can I participate in SOMC's rehab program?

Yes. If you have had cardiac surgery at another hospital, you can be referred to SOMC for rehabilitative care. SOMC provides modern medical technology, conveniently located at the LIFE Center. As a result, you do not have to travel to take advantage of the latest rehabilitative techniques and services.

How do I get started?

You will need an order from your personal physician to begin the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. If your physician decides that you are an appropriate candidate for rehabilitation, your medical insurance plan may cover a large percentage of the cost of the program.

Once you are referred for cardiac rehabilitation, we will begin an individualized period of testing and evaluation to design your personal exercise program.

If you are interested in cardiac rehabilitation and would like to learn more about it, our staff would be happy to schedule an appointment with you at your convenience to discuss the specifics of the program.

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