Innovative Hybrid Cardiac Surgery: An Ideal Procedure by the Ultimate Team

When SOMC designed its new Heart & Vascular Center it planned for the future. In 2008 SOMC opened the first hybrid operating room in the region. Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Henry Childers, MD and Chief of Interventional Cardiology, Daniel Jovanovich, MD have put together the ultimate team and helped design a state-of-the-art hybrid cardiovascular operating room.

This special operating suite allows a cardiothoracic surgeon and interventional cardiologist to work together in the same room. By accommodating both doctor’s needs it reduces the amount of time required to correct a heart problem and the amount of emotional and physical stress placed on a patient or their family – which translates into less pain, less scarring and a faster recovery time.

The hybrid procedure combines bypass surgery and stenting in a customized plan of treatment by both the cardiologist and the cardiothoracic surgeon to meet the needs of each patient. Previously a patient would have to undergo two heart procedures on different days. The hybrid procedure allows the surgeries to be combined into a single procedure on the same day.

The hybrid approach is used so that the internal mammary artery can be placed by minimally invasive surgery. After the bypass graft is completed, the remaining vessels that are not blocked enough to require bypass, are stented using angiography.


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