Arterial Evaluation

An arterial evaluation evaluates the blood flow in the arteries of the arms or the legs. A Doppler waveform is obtained by bouncing sound waves off blood vessels obtaining tracings of the blood flow. Blood pressures are obtained at various places on the legs or arms. A physician will read the test. There is no preparation for an arterial evaluation.

It is important if the patient has had surgery (bypass or graft on the legs or arms to be tested) to tell the nurse performing the test. Sometimes blood flow is normal at rest but may be abnormal during exercise. When a person exercises the muscles need more blood than they do at rest. Patients may be requested to walk on a treadmill or rise on their toes several times a minute. Blood pressures and Doppler waveforms are obtained immediately after exercise to detect abnormalities of blood flow caused by the exercise. One hour should be allowed for this test. A physician will read the test.


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