Amazing Race

April 25, 2015
SOMC LIFE Center Gym
Staggered Start beginning at 8 am
1202 18th Street | Portsmouth, OH

Team Cost (up to 4 per team): $150
1st place prize: $2,500
2nd place prize: $1,500
3rd place prize: $1,000

SOMC’s Amazing Race is a new challenge where teams will compete for the chance to win $2,500! The race is designed to challenge teams physically and mentally, while providing fun and entertainment.

Each team will start at the SOMC LIFE Center Gym and be routed to their first challenge. Once there, they must complete a task in order to move to the next challenge location. After successfully completing all challenges, teams must report to the SOMC LIFE Center Gym for final scoring. The winner will be announced at 4 pm and be determined by the fastest time for completion. 

The Amazing Race is open to participants ages 10 and older with no more than four people on a team. The team captain must be 18 or older. One may compete as an individual but may be at a disadvantage during some of the challenges. Teams are encouraged to get creative with names and costumes.

All participants must sign a waiver the day of the race to participate. Staggered start times will be determined randomly a week prior to the race. Arrive 30 minutes before your race time begins for rules and regulations.

All proceeds from the race benefit the SOMC Development Foundation Community Health and Wellness Fund — which supports health and fitness opportunities in our communities.

*Participants under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver.
For more information contact Brad Zieber at 740-356-7572 or by email
Preregistration is required by April 12th. Participation is limited to 100 teams.


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