Lucasville LIFE Center

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10:30 AM Silver Sneakers® Laura Silver Sneakers® Laura Silver Sneakers® Laura
11:30 AM Gentle Yoga Laura
05:35 PM Taboxing Wendi Body Blast Coleen Toss Up GroupFitness

Class Descriptions

Body Blast - This class offers a mix of cardio, toning and core. The class is based on the type of students who show up. That could mean just about anything!

Gentle Yoga - 30-45min. Beginner Level. This class follows the program of regular yoga classes of the same level but at a slower pace and with a range of modifications, including the optional use of a chair, to make the poses progressively more accessible. Yoga can help reduce stress, improve circulation, build community connections and address challenges that result from chronic health conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia.

Silver Sneakers® - 30–45 min.Designed for the senior participate. A low intensity class providing flexibility exercises for all joints and light toning exercises for major muscle groups. Most exercises are performed in a chair. Bring a towel and bottle of water with you to class.

Taboxing - A combination of cardio boxing and Tabata fused together in one hot 60 minute session.

Toss Up - This class is an instructor’s choice cardio or toning class. Instructors will rotate for a variety of workouts to keep your body guessing. Be prepared for anything from Zumba to Tabata to happen in this fast paced hour that will burn calories and tone your body!