Aquatic Group Fitness

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09:45 AM Tabata Waves Nancy Portsmouth Tabata Waves Nancy Portsmouth
10:00 AM Arthritis Aquatics Susie Portsmouth Arthritis Aquatics Susie Portsmouth Arthritis Aquatics Susie Portsmouth
05:00 PM Family Lap Swim TBD Portsmouth
05:15 PM Tabata Waves GroupFitness Portsmouth Tabata Waves GroupFitness Portsmouth
06:30 PM Arthritis Aquatics Susie Portsmouth
Aqua Kidz TBD Portsmouth
Arthritis Aquatics Susie Portsmouth Arthritis Aquatics Susie Portsmouth

Class Descriptions

Aqua Kidz - Must be a good swimmer. This seasonal program is for the advanced swimmer. Held in the 25 meter lap pool, participants work on four (4) competitive strokes, Jr. life guarding and conditioning. Seasonal - call 740-356-7650 for dates.

Arthritis Aquatics - This program provides relief for those who suffer from the conditions of arthritis, Using slow, full range of motions movement in our pool in accordance with the National Arthritis Foundation Program.

Family Lap Swim - This timeĀ in the pool is open to families who want to swim laps together. Children ages 9-13 are welcome to join their parents, guardians and grandparent members to swim laps. This time is dedicated for lap swimming only.

Tabata Waves - All levels of fitness welcome to this class. This class takes the program intensity of the land Tabata classes into the water! Working on speed with proper control of the movements the goal of this class is to provide a highly effective conditioning program to develop and improve cardio-respiratory fitness, muscular strength & endurance. This class provides aerobic/cardio activity. This means that by participating you will work your heart muscle at a moderate or vigorous intensity for at least 10 minutes at a time. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise in a seven day week.