Abbly Floyd changes her life, not her diet

When Abby Floyd began her weight loss journey, there were plenty of signs telling her the timing was right. She was always tired, her clothes didn’t fit and she had pain in her knees, back and feet. She was also aware that both sides of her family have a history of heart disease and diabetes.

“I was becoming aware that I may be headed in the same direction,” Abby said, “So I decided I was ready to try and make some kind of a change. After all, I want to be active with my grandchildren.”

Abby’s turnaround was aided by her decision to stop drinking pop and start paying closer attention to the foods she ate. She managed portions, planned her meals and logged her calories. She also joined the “Lose & Win for LIFE” program and began taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Even with all of these changes, however, she continues to eat her favorite foods and does not consider herself to be on a diet. This, she says, is something bigger.

“I do not look at this change as a diet,” she said. “Diets don’t work for me. This is a lifestyle change.”

It has been approximately one year since Abby changed her life. She has lost weight, been able to cut back on medications and is now fit enough to run in the mornings. And, just as she hoped, it’s helped her become more active with her grandchildren. In fact, on at least one occasion she has been even more active than her grandchildren.

“One day this spring, I was playing with my four year old granddaughter in the yard,” Abby said. “We were running and chasing each other and she suddenly stopped, put her hand up and said, ‘Stop Gammy!’ I asked her what was wrong and she said, ‘I need to rest.’ That was an awesome feeling to know I outlasted a very healthy four year old!”