Ohio National Guard Honors SOMC For Supporting Troops

Brigadier General Matthew L. Kambic, Assistant Adjutant General for the Ohio Army National Guard, visited Portsmouth Monday, May 12, hosted by Col. Terry Johnson, DO, flight surgeon and commander of the Ohio Medical Command for the Guard.

Gen. Kambic came to honor Southern Ohio Medical Center as a strong supporter of the Guard and its members, and publicly thank SOMC President Randy Arnett for supporting Col. Johnson, who is a member of SOMC’s medical staff and director of the Family Practice Residency Program at the hospital.

“We’ve deployed more than 10,000 soldiers in the global war on terror and none come out of Ohio without going through Dr. Johnson’s hands,” Gen. Kambic said during a presentation to Arnett. “We just deployed four brigades and the troops from Ohio performed so well everyone wants to know what Ohio is doing. It’s the talent and teamwork that Terry and his team have built.”

Gen. Kambic thanked Arnett for supporting Col. Johnson during two deployments to the Middle East and a future deployment next spring. He presented SOMC a lithographic plaque featuring command coins from Adjutant General, Major General Gregory L. Wayt, Gen. Kambic and Command Sergeant Major William L. Gilliam of the Guard.

“SOMC employees have a strong tradition of service to our country and we thank our men and women like Dr. Johnson and the many others who serve in our armed forces,” Arnett said. “We’re proud to be an employer of many who give this highest commitment.”

Dr. Johnson added that the support coming from an employer is often invaluable for a soldier in the field.

“The last thing a soldier should have to worry about when risking his or her life is whether there will be a job waiting when the tour is over,” he said. “It’s a critical concern and I feel very blessed to have SOMC’s support during my service.”