Orthopedic Surgeon Marchyn Brings New Partial Knee Procedure To SOMC

Orthopedic surgeon Duane J. Marchyn, MD, of Scioto Valley Orthopedics, is bringing his patients a new knee implant procedure that spares bone and preserves ligaments.

Called the Journey Deuce, this new implant is designed to meet the needs of younger, more active individuals who suffer pain associated with arthritis. The procedure preserves more of the patient’s own bone, and saves the two stabilizing ligaments in the front and back of the knee.

According to Dr. Marchyn, who practices at Southern Ohio Medical Center, the Journey Deuce is appropriate for patients with arthritis in two areas of the knee as opposed to those who require a total knee replacement after arthritis has attacked all three areas of the knee.

The Journey Deuce resurfaces the two affected compartments with a curved metal implant that moves against a thin plastic and metal insert on the tibia, or shinbone.

“Before the Deuce came along, we would have to perform total knee replacement on patients who only had disease in two of the three areas,” Dr. Marchyn says. “Now, we can offer these patients a procedure that allows us to spare ligaments which, in turn, preserve a lot of athletic function.”

Since the Journey Deuce spares bone on both the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shinbone), younger, active patients now have an “early intervention” solution for their OA knee pain. Typically, surgeons try to delay total knee replacement for their younger patients, because a potential revision procedure later in life can take a toll on physicial activities before the patient is willing to give them up.

Dr. Marchyn trained to perform the procedure at the Medical Education Research Institute (MERI) in Memphis, Tenn. A board-certified orthopedic surgeon, he was trained at the University of Kentucky and has practiced in Portsmouth for 23 years.

For more information on the Journey Deuce procedure, visit www.JourneyDeuce.com.