Patient Raises $5,000 for SOMC Cancer Compassion Fund

Through determination and door-to-door donations, local breast cancer patient Skeeter Smith (right) recently raised more than $5,000 for the Cancer Compassion Fund at Southern Ohio Medical Center. Pictured with Smith is her sister, Judy Bayes.

Shortly after her 50th birthday, Skeeter Smith of Lucasville was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer. For most people, receiving this news would be devastating. But for Smith, it was the beginning of an amazing journey.

“Learning that I had breast cancer immediately sparked something in me; I knew I needed to get out in the community and start helping others,” Smith said. “This disease touches so many lives and I was determined to find a way to not only help them, but also help myself.”

Smith’s passion was soon sparked by her knowledge of the Cancer Compassion Fund at Southern Ohio Medical Center—a foundation dedicated to helping local uninsured and underinsured patients receive the necessary tools and financial assistance to undergo cancer treatment.

“I kept hearing about the SOMC Cancer Compassion Fund and thought it would be an excellent project to dive into,” she said. “Not only would it give me the opportunity to help those who were in my shoes, but it would also keep my mind off what I was going through. It was the perfect choice.”

Smith’s journey began through a venture with her sister, Judy Bayes, who coaches volleyball at Northwest High School.

“Our team planned to participate in the annual Volley for the Cure to raise money for breast cancer awareness, but we decided to take it a step further and donate our proceeds to the Compassion Fund,” Bayes said. “The event was so successful that we then held a tri-match against Notre Dame and Piketon schools. Together we were able to raise $789.”