Pettit receives Outstanding Physician Award

Southern Ohio Medical Center’s Dr. George P. Pettit has been selected to receive this year’s Outstanding Physician Award.

Pettit was chosen to receive this award by the Scioto County Medical Society, which honors physicians that meet certain criteria, such as having 20 years of medical service, the respect of their peers and being involved in their community.

As an OB-GYN for SOMC, Pettit has also been actively involved in the community. His involvement included being the medical director of the Portsmouth City Health Department, president of the Scioto County Medical Society, medical director of the American Cancer Society and the chief-of-staff at Mercy Hospital. Today, Pettit continues to help those in need as a staff physician at the Scioto County’s C.A.O. clinic and a medical consultant for Pike County’s C.A.O. clinic.

“The community has been very good to me and I try to give back,” Pettit said.

Dr. Pettit also provides medical care for people that may not receive assistance otherwise in his community and overseas during several medical mission trips. He has helped patients in Mexico, Pakistan, Haiti, Rwanda, India and the Philippines — where he successfully removed a 33-pound tumor from a patient in need.

Along with his medical work, Pettit was involved in his community as one of the first co-chairs of the Relay for Life. He is also one of the top 10 volume-buyers of junior livestock sale in Scioto, Pike and Greenup Counties.

One of the areas where Pettit takes the most pride, however, is in his involvement with public education. He has been a member of the Portsmouth City School Board for the past 15 years, and considers his work with that organization to be of high importance.

“Children are the future of our society and public schools are the foundation of America’s freedom,” Pettit said regarding his role as a Portsmouth City School Board member.

Dr. Pettit is happy to serve his community and others with his work and involvement. He acknowledges the importance to give back to the community and his obligation to serve the public.

“Everyone who has been successful has a responsibility to give back to the community,” Pettit said. “I enjoy giving back and doing things that benefit my fellow citizens.”