SOMC Adds New Lab Service For Blood Tests

Patients needing a blood test or other lab work have a convenient new location at Southern Ohio Medical Center. SOMC Outpatient Lab Services has opened a seven-station facility in Suite 303 of the Braunlin Building on the hospital’s Main Campus.

“Patients coming from doctors’ offices in the Waller, Braunlin and Fulton buildings will find this new facility very convenient,” Lab Services Director Andrea Zaph said. “Visitors leaving their doctor’s office can reach the facility easily because it’s either right next door or in the same building as their doctor’s office.”

The new facility is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and can provide blood draws and perform electrocardiograms (EKGs), as well as accept any kind of specimen from the patient as ordered by his or her physician. Located on the third floor of the Braunlin Building, the facility is easily accessed from both the ground floor via elevators or by walking across the overstreet enclosed walkway from the Waller Building. The larger facility replaces a smaller station previously located on the first floor of the Waller Building.

“We now have blood draw stations in the Fulton and Braunlin buildings on SOMC’s Main Campus, a facility adjacent to the Health Care Center on the South Campus, and outpatient laboratory services at the Wheelersburg Urgent Care in Wheelersburg,” Zaph said. “This is in addition to outpatient laboratory services available in the main hospital building.” For more information about the new facilty, call (740) 356-8741.