SOMC announces Runner’s Assessment Program

Local runners looking to improve performance or avoid injury now have a new weapon in their arsenal.

The Runner’s Assessment Program at Southern Ohio Medical Center allows runners to determine what could be contributing to pain, learn specific corrective exercises and improve efficiency with Dart Fish software.

A running assessment consists of a runner placed on a treadmill and is asked to run at a comfortable pace. He or she is recorded with a video camera and analyzed with Dart Fish software, which looks at each joint, measures the joint angles and looks at symmetry in the running pattern.

Kelly Wheeler, an SOMC physical therapist who provides the Running Assessment Program, ran three marathons including the 2013 Boston Marathon.

“This is really my heart because I’m a runner myself,” Wheeler said. “I really enjoy it.”

After she developed pain from running, Wheeler had a runner’s assessment. She described the different processes of the Running Assessment Program, such as checking strengths and motion, flexibility and watching mechanics during squatting.

A prescription from a physician requesting a running assessment is needed if one is having pain while running. If one is wishing to improve running efficiency, there is a cash fee of $150 for a running assessment.

For more information, call the SOMC Rehab Care Unit at 740-356-2400.