SOMC guilds raise more than $65,000 in 2013

The guilds at Southern Ohio Medical Center share a common goal – to support the needs of the patients, as well as the hospital’s beneficial programs through fundraising efforts. They achieved their goal in 2013, raising more than $65,000 as part of their effort to advance the mission of SOMC.

“The women and men of SOMC’s guilds are truly extraordinary individuals and make such a difference for the patients, families and staff of Southern Ohio Medical Center,” SOMC Guild Coordinator Jenny Lavender said.

In 2013, SOMC’s guilds donated a total of $65,311.98 including a $30,366.08 donation from the Hope Guild. The Kardia Guild donated a total amount of $7,435.90, while the Pleasure Guild donated $10,050.00. Meanwhile, the Scioto Guild donated an amount of $17,460.00 with the proceeds from the Annual Flower Sale fundraiser.

“Our guilds’ support allowed SOMC to purchase items, such as a Breast Prone Board, EMT/Heart Care Equipment, IV Ultrasound Machines and Breast Pumps for Maternity and donations toward the SOMC Cancer Compassion Fund and Pediatric Nursery,” Lavender said.

SOMC is supported by a total of six guilds, including a newly formed Pediatric Guild. For more information, or to find out how you can support SOMC’s guilds, contact Jenny Lavender at 740-356-8236.