SOMC Hospice welcomes new addition to their family

Southern Ohio Medical Center has welcomed a new member to their Hospice family – a one-year-old yellow lab named Marley.

Marley is very playful and can follow commands, but is most known for the love and affection she provides patients and staff alike.

“She is a great companion and we have patients that absolutely love her,” Nurse Manager Donna Holcomb said. “She gives them comfort. Even their families enjoy being able to pet her or take her for walks.”

Marley is not the first Hospice dog SOMC has had. In 2007, a German Shepherd mix named Swann was welcomed to the Hospice Center. After nearly five years of faithful service, however, Swann is now enjoying retirement. She currently resides with an SOMC social worker.

Dogs like Marley and Swann are typically trained to work with the blind or hearing-impaired owners, but their friendly dispositions also make them perfect companions in a Hospice setting.

“Our employees just love having her around,” Holcomb said. “It brightens their day to see her. They can’t wait to see her when they get here. Our housekeepers will even take her for walks on their breaks.”

As the latest addition to the SOMC Hospice Center, Marley will visit patients and families upon request. SOMC Hospice can be reached at 740-353-2567.