SOMC Launches Equipment Tracking System

Did you ever misplace a set of keys or your TV remote? Imagine the challenge of tracking hundreds of pieces of equipment in a large organization, such as a hospital.

The Biomedical Engineering Department of Southern Ohio Medical Center has deployed a system to locate and track more than 1,600 pieces of medical equipment. The staff can instantly see them on a computer screen map, and track them as they move.

“Previously there were times when I had to send staff out for an hour or two to do preventitive maintenance,” Greg Malone, supervisor of Biomedical Engineering, says. “Now they can walk over to the computer. What once took hours takes seconds.”

With the system, known as Radianse, small tags on each item send a signal to 363 receivers throughout the hospital, which then give the information to the engineers. Malone says the Radianse system can determine which room a piece of equipment is in with great accuracy.

The system provides easier equipment management, improved recall management, and better use of limited supplies of critical equipment, Malone says.