SOMC, LIFE Ambulance Strengthen Partnership

In an effort to reinstate and strengthen the partnership between Southern Ohio Medical Center and LIFE Ambulance Services, SOMC logos will now appear on LIFE Ambulance emergency and non-emergency vehicles. Pictured above (l to r) is Mike Pistole, President and CEO of LIFE Ambulance; Claudia Burchett, vice president of SOMC Patient Services; Doug Avery, chief operating officer of LIFE Ambulance; and Mary Kate Dilts Skaggs, director of nursing for SOMC Emergency and Outpatient Services.

For more than 20 years, Southern Ohio Medical Center and LIFE Ambulance Service, Inc. have partnered to provide the residents of Scioto and surrounding counties with top-quality, timely patient care.

“The partnership between our two organizations stemmed from a general understanding of respect, camaraderie and belief in our community,” Randy Arnett, president and CEO of SOMC, said. “We both feel a strong obligation to the people of this area and hold a very high commitment to strengthening the bond between our local companies and philanthropic endeavors.”

To reinstate this belief, SOMC logos will now appear on the LIFE Ambulance emergency and non-emergency vehicles.

“We’ve always had a strong partnership, but we were looking for a way to make our support for each other more known throughout the community,” Doug Avery, chief operating officer for LIFE Ambulance, said. “Adding SOMC’s logos to our vehicles will further demonstrate our commitment to the growth of and dedication to our local businesses, healthcare system and people of this area.”

Vice President of SOMC Inpatient Services Claudia Burchett explained that the two organizations also will continue collaborating with local companies to increase health awareness and knowledge within the community.

“During our partnership, SOMC and LIFE have worked together to provide our local residents with better health care opportunities through screenings and events like the Scioto County Fair,” she said.

“These opportunities have also been offered through the help of teams from Shawnee State University, local city health departments and even other health care systems throughout the region. We hope this aspect of collaboration will continue to evolve with the needs of our community and we look forward to expanding our possibilities with other local resources in the future.”