SOMC LIFE Center helps woman get her life back

Three and a half years ago, Elaine Wilson had lap band surgery in hopes that it would help her lose weight. However, she didn’t end up with the results she had been hoping for.

“The first two weeks, I lost like 25 pounds. After that it was really slow and for a whole year, I didn’t lose anything,” Wilson said.

Wilson, who is 63-years-old, even took up swimming at Shawnee State University but still couldn’t shed her unwanted pounds. Then, when the university closed their pool for the summer, she decided to try a different approach.

“They closed the pool for the whole summer and I thought, ‘well I got to do something so I’m going to go to the SOMC LIFE Center,’” Wilson said.

She sums up what happened next in a single word: Amazing. Through diet and exercise, Wilson has lost more than 100 pounds. In addition to shedding weight, she has also shed a number of health problems. She breathes better, is on fewer medications and enjoys greater stamina.

“I had two bad knees and I couldn’t walk very far. In fact, when I started all this, I couldn’t walk more than a half of a block without sitting down,” Wilson said. “And now, I do probably nine or ten miles a day in the LIFE Center… It’s amazing what your body will do.”

Wilson credits the staff at the LIFE Center with making her transformation possible, and encouraged anyone else who wants to lose weight to follow her example.

“Set a goal and just go for it,” Wilson said. “If you need help, the trainers are there to help you and they will help you if you ask them. They’ve got great trainers there.”

Gary Coovert, administrative director of the SOMC LIFE Center, said they take pride in helping people like Wilson.

“All of us at the LIFE Center are motivated by our desire to help people like Elaine reach their personal goals,” Coovert said. “The relationships we build and the services we provide are very important to us. I hope we get the opportunity to help many more people over the course of this next year.”

Wilson has no doubt that the SOMC Life Center and its staff had a tremendous impact on her life. She said even her doctor has noticed and urged her not to stop her new routine. Not that Wilson intends on doing that anytime soon, anyway, of course.

“I really love it. I’ve met so many good friends there, I mean really good friends,” Wilson said. “It’s just great, I love it.”