SOMC Maternity To Play Lullaby With Each Birth

The Maternity Department at Southern Ohio Medical Center welcomed a new addition Jan. 29.

“In honor of the birth and new family, we will play the Brahms’ Lullaby, which will be heard throughout the hospital,” Jone Stone, nurse manager of Maternity Services at SOMC, said. “It will only last 10 seconds, but it will be a nice way to let everyone know that such a wonderful event has happened.”

Ideas for the addition of the lullaby started last May during a patient-care-centered workshop and focus group.

“We had a variety of employees from all departments suggest we add a song,” Stone said. “Other hospitals do similar things, so we decided to start working on it.”

After researching other hospitals to find the most common song and time-lengths, the final decision of using Brahms’ Lullaby was made because of its comforting sound and correlation to newborns.

“We wanted music that was recognizable and had a soft, warm feel to it,” Stone said. “Brahms’ Lullaby seemed like the obvious choice.”

The version of the song that will be heard throughout all departments was performed and recorded by Tyler Thompson, music major at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky. The lullaby will be activated through a remote button located within the Maternity Unit.

“We appreciate our families and the privilege of providing care for them during their birth,” Stone said. “The lullaby will be a great way to celebrate this great event and we’re all looking forward to the addition.”