SOMC offering Palliative Care House Call program

Patients suffering from a serious medical illness or chronic illness often require special care. Such care is now available in the comforts of your own home through the SOMC Palliative Care: House Calls program.

With the House Calls program, services are provided in your home by a nurse practitioner to help assist patients with their illness and medications. The nurse practitioner will assist a patient’s primary care provider to coordinate a specially designed plan of care. House Call providers will be the primary care provider’s “eyes and ears,” monitoring the patient’s environment and regimen.

“The SOMC Palliative Care: House Calls program allows us to bring outstanding care directly to the environment where our patients can feel the most comfortable,” SOMC Hospice Volunteer Coordinator Scott Hilbert said. “It’s an especially attractive option for patients who need frequent care but have difficulty getting out of the house, and patients who have a complex medical condition that is difficult to manage alone at home.”

SOMC Palliative Care: House Calls is also a good fit for patients who want more private, personalized attention or who often require same-day care but want to avoid urgent care clinics or the E.R.

“This program can be provided wherever the patient calls home, whether it’s a residence, a skilled nursing facility or an assisted living facility,” Hilbert said.

Palliative consulted patients discharged home will receive an outpatient follow-up visit within three to five days of hospital discharge. This visit can help with difficult to manage symptoms and coordination of care with patient’s new or established primary care physician.

For more information, visit or call 740-356-2567.