SOMC thanks nurses in honor of Certified Nurses Day

March 19 is nationally recognized as Certified Nurses Day, and Southern Ohio Medical Center is marking the occasion by honoring its 188 board certified nurses.

“We are so proud of our nurses and the excellent care they offer our patients each and every day,” Vice President of Patient Services and Chief Nursing Officer Claudia Burchett said. “Nurses represent one of the most critical and essential components of our modern healthcare system.”

Certification, as defined by the American Board of Nursing Specialties, is the formal recognition of the knowledge, skills and experience demonstrated by achieving the standards identified to promote optimal health results in a nursing specialty.

“It takes personal dedication and persistence to achieve and maintain certification,” Burchett said. “The hard work, professionalism and dedication that these nurses possess is vital to the care we provide at SOMC.”

SOMC encourages all of its nurses to pursue board certification, and currently has certified nurses working in 24 separate patient-care areas. The hospital will host a Nursing Certification Fair on March 19 to help nurses prepare for certification and learn more about the process.

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