SOMC Using State-of-the-art IV Pumps

SOMC Pharmacist Brian Missler and Nurse Educator Melissa Groh

Southern Ohio Medical Center has taken another step in 21st-century medical care with the deployment of more than 450 intravenous (IV) pumps that include new safety features for patient protection.

LifeCare Plumb A+ devices developed by leading global hospital products manufacturer, Hospira, Inc., utilize a drug list containing safe dosage parameters. The pump prevents under-dosing and over-dosing of drugs by warning caregivers that a dose entered is outside of acceptable limits.

The new LifeCare Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) device, developed by Hospira, Inc., helps reduce the potential for human error in administering pain medications by using a built-in bar code reader, compatible with pre-filled, bar-coded medication vials, to allow patients to control the flow of their medication.

Both the Plumb A+ and the LifeCare PCA infusion systems offer these enhanced safety features through its compatibility with Hospira MedNet, a customizable software system that closely defines medication dose limits and tracks the IV drug delivery through the bar codes to help prevent medication errors.

Rory Phillips, director of Pharmacy, says the investment in this new equipment is central to patient care and safety.

“SOMC’s commitment to both safety and service is reflected in this investment. We strive to be among the top hospitals in the nation in safety and service indicators, among others, and the LifeCare PCA devices help us bring a higher level of comfort with additional safety measures.”

The software has the flexibility to develop and program dose guidelines for up to 150 medication entries, and also allows SOMC to create customized clinical decision rules for up to 18 different clinical-care areas of the hospital, such as the post-anesthesia care unit, oncology and pediatrics.