SOMC’s Dr. Aaron Adams selected to join governor’s Ohio Opiate Task Force

Dr. Aaron Adams, a physician at Southern Ohio Medical Center, has been selected to join Gov. John Kasich’s Ohio Opiate Task Force as a representative for the Ohio Association of Health Commissioners.

“Serving on this task force really is an honor and something that I look forward to being a part of,” Dr. Adams said.

The Ohio Opiate Task Force will address the issue of prescription drug abuse and misuse by educating medical professionals on the appropriate way to prescribe potentially addictive medications.

“There will be two work groups that come out of the task force, and I’ll work with both of them,” Dr. Adams said. “The first group will write a white paper regarding the best practices for opiate prescribing. The other will deal with Emergency Department prescribing of opiates. We will develop standards across the state on how to prescribe these addicting drugs.”

Dr. Adams also served on Ohio’s Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force in 2010. He said the state’s latest task force is much more physician and healthcare provider oriented than those Ohio has put together in the past.

“In the past, there were a lot of people representing law enforcement. Now, we’re seeing increased participation from physicians,” Dr. Adams said. “There’s a focus on getting medical professionals involved, now more than ever.”