SOMC Caring Program

Southern Ohio Medical Center Provides free charity care to those in need. This program is available for any and all inpatient and outpatient services with the exception of elective services.

To qualify for the SOMC Caring Program, patients must demonstrate that all other methods of obtaining financial assistance have been exhausted. Financial evaluation is made for those in need. Eligibility is based on income. All applicants are requested to provide income verification.


For more information, please call

 (740) 356-7639


Income guidelines are based on 125% of the federal governmen's poverty level criteria and updated as changes are released. SOMC bases eigibility on information provided, coupled with family size.

Patient balances remaining after insurance coverage or federal/state agencies can be considered for this program. The application acceptance, in all cases, is based upon full cooperation of the patient with SOMC, insurance carriers and the Ohio Department of Human Services. The income level and the number of members in the family will determine the percentage of charity care.

Approval of cases is granted through the SOMC Financial Assistance Coordinator in our Patient Accounting Department.