Farmers Market

Grocery Store Tours
Offered monthly, tour your local grocery store with a Registered and Licensed Dietician to learn which items offer healthier choices or items that should be avoided when you are following a particular regimen. Learn to shop heart savvy, diabetes friendly and improve your overall wellness by eating healthier. For more information please call 740.356.8649.

Cooking Classes
See healthy recipes come to life with demonstrations and education provided by a chef and Registered and Licensed Dieticians. Topics have included heart healthy, diabetic friendly, “Choose This, Change That”, Spring, Thanksgiving and other holiday favorites. Recipes with nutrition information are provided. Please call 740.356.2720 for more information.

Lose & Win for LIFE
As an effort to reduce obesity and obesity-related conditions, SOMC offers an ongoing Lose and Win for LIFE program. Each program involves meeting once a week for 9 weeks with others that are ready to adopt healthy life-style changes. This evidence based comprehensive healthy weight management program focuses on nutrition, physical activity, stress management, positive thinking, and more. Participants begin by weighing in and obtaining specific body fat and BMI metrics. From these metrics, goals are set and then the weekly class schedule begins. Each session is conducted as a mini-support group and participants share ideas surrounding the weekly topic. The 9 week program helps adults achieve and maintain a healthy weight through educational materials, engaging onsite sessions, and group support at the worksite and other places throughout the community. Incentives for attendance are also provided. For more information and Lose and Win for LIFE or to inquire about a facilitator who may be available to come to your worksite or community activity center please call 740.356.7557.

Rethink Your Drink
Do you ever wonder what’s really in that cup? Southern Ohio Medical Center can help you better understand if your beverage selection deserves a passing grade or needs an upgrade. This program helps people of all ages realize the impact of sugar sweetened beverages on their health. A Soda-briety Challenge is also available for groups.

Mission: Nutrition

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight throughout life.

You’ve probably heard, “you are what you eat”, but have you ever thought how much physical activity it takes to burn off that slice of pizza? Southern Ohio Medical Center is committed to help our communities ‘Eat Right’ and ‘Move More’ so that we can ‘Stay Healthy’. This program will direct learners of all ages that it’s ok to occasionally have a treat to eat, but that there is work to do after snacking!

Nutritional Counseling

Eat a healthy diet, with an emphasis of plant foods

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, attempting to eat healthy becomes too confusing and overwhelming. Media is filled advertising pills and supplements and commercials promising fast weight loss. Supermarkets are filled with aisles full of the latest and greatest products. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires a special diet. It becomes difficult to know what the healthiest options are. SOMC offers free nutritional counseling with a registered licensed dietician. To make an appointment, contact the Outpatient Dieticians at 740.356.8649.


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