Physical Activity

Southern Ohio Medical Center encourages individuals of all ages to include physical activity into his or her daily routine. We recommend following the American Heart Association guidelines of 150 minutes of physical activity each week. While this may seem like a lot, health benefits can be made by doing as little as 10 minute segments at a time.

Be physically active

Don’t think that physical activity has to happen in a gym or be unbearable. Find something you like to do and look forward to doing. Some ideas are:

Exercise can be modified for anyone, regardless of physical limitations or injuries. Contact the LIFE Center at 740.356.7650 for information on classes, gym membership or additional information.

Lose and Win for LIFE
As an effort to reduce obesity and obesity-related conditions, SOMC offers an ongoing Lose and Win for LIFE program. Each program involves meeting once a week for 9 weeks with others that are ready to adopt healthy life-style changes. This evidence based comprehensive healthy weight management program focuses on nutrition, physical activity, stress management, positive thinking, and more. Participants begin by weighing in and obtaining specific body fat and BMI metrics. From these metrics, goals are set and then the weekly class schedule begins. Each session is conducted as a mini-support group and participants share ideas surrounding the weekly topic. The 9 week program helps adults achieve and maintain a healthy weight through educational materials, engaging onsite sessions, and group support at the worksite and other places throughout the community. Incentives for attendance are also provided. For more information and Lose and Win for LIFE or to inquire about a facilitator who may be available to come to your worksite or community activity center please call 740.356.7557.

Success Stories:

LIFE Centers
Driving to the gym shouldn’t take longer than your workout. SOMC’s state-of-the-art LIFE Center offers 3 convenient locations in Portsmouth, Lucasville and Wheelersburg which ensure you are never far from taking steps to improve your health, no matter where you call home.
We have been serving the community for more than 25 years and have one of the most experienced and highly credentialed fitness staffs in America. The LIFE Centers offers a variety of equipment, classes, and training to meet any fitness need.
To find out more information such as LIFE Center memberships, group fitness schedules, Cross Fit, Silver Sneakers and Rehabilitation Services, call 740.356.7650 or click here

Personal Training
If your goal is to lose weight, increase muscle tone, run a race or to improve your overall health – a Personal Trainer can design the perfect program for you. We customize an exercise plan for your specific ability and goals, tracking your progress as we go along to make sure you get the best results.
If you are looking to gain maximum results from exercise consider Personal Training. All LIFE Center Trainers have a 4 year degree in a fitness related field and/or a Certification in Personal Training from a nationally recognized agency. Trainers can customize workouts for any person of any ability and work one on one to motivate you to achieve your goals.
Personal Training is available at any LIFE Center. Packages are offered in 1, 5, or 10 hour blocks. Non-members can also use our trainers. Non-member rates are 20% above member rates. To schedule an appointment, call 740.356.7572. Click here to see more about a Personal trainer.

Personal Fitness Consultation
This consultation is with an Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer or an Athletic Trainer and includes:

Recommendations for health improvement and discussion on ways to attain goals are offered, including physical activity and nutrition information. Contact the SOMC LIFE Center at 740.356.7572to schedule an appointment

Performance Enhancement Center (PEC)
Athletes can improve their game in any sport working with Brad Zieber. Brad is a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist who is trained in Functional Movement screenings. PEC utilizes the training tools and techniques that professional athletes use. The program features:

Cost is $250 for a 6 week session. Discounts available for multiple athletes or teams training together. Please call 740.356.7572 for further details.


For more information, call

 (740) 356-2552