School Wellness

SOMC believes a lifetime of wellness begins with our youth. Partnering with the Sports Motion Athletic Trainers/ Wellness Coaches, we have developed health information aimed at school age children. Upon request, members from the Community Health team can provide information and/or presentations focused on eating right, moving more, and tobacco prevention. Our Mission: Nutrition, Rethink Your Drink, and iDon’t.iWon’t visuals and material will provide eye opening evidence of what unhealthy habits can do to our bodies.

i'dont i'wont

Join Southern Ohio Medical Center and take a stand against tobacco use! People of all ages can learn the dangers of tobacco use, warning signs and symptoms of tobacco related illness, and take the pledge to stay off tobacco for life. Call 740.356.2552 for more information.

Rethink Your Drink
Do you ever wonder what’s really in that cup? Southern Ohio Medical Center can help you better understand if your beverage selection deserves a passing grade or needs an upgrade.

This program helps people of all ages realize the impact of sugar sweetened beverages on their health. A Soda-briety Challenge is also available for groups.


Mission: Nutrition
You’ve probably heard, “you are what you eat”, but have you ever thought how much physical activity it takes to burn off that slice of pizza? Southern Ohio Medical Center is committed to help our communities ‘Eat Right’ and ‘Move More’ so that we can ‘Stay Healthy’. This program will direct learners of all ages that it’s ok to occasionally have a treat to eat, but that there is work to do after snacking!


Sports Physicals
Each spring, SOMC provides free Sports Physicals for all area athletes. You will receive communication with specific dates and times from your respective school’s Athletic Director. A schedule and appropriate forms will also be made available at this location. All forms MUST be completed with guardian signatures on all pages as indicated before a sports physical will be completed.

Sports Motion
SOMC Sports Motion is a premier sports medicine program offering a unique multidisciplinary approach to your health issues. At SOMC Sports motion we offer a scientific approach to the full continuum of care from prevention and performance improvement all the way through an injury, treatment and rehabilitation.

Our physicians and providers are actively involved in sports coverage in the community. Their sideline and team physician responsibilities include several area high schools. We stand out by tailoring our program to each school, team, individual athlete or weekend warrior. Our goal is to get you back into motion. Click here to find more information about Sports Motion


For more information, call

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