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Join Southern Ohio Medical Center and take a stand against tobacco use! People of all ages can learn the dangers of tobacco use, warning signs and symptoms of tobacco related illness, and take the pledge to stay off tobacco for life.  SOMC is fortunate to have received grant support from the Scioto Foundation in order to provide Nicotine Replacement Therapies to program participants.  Medication Support will be provided on a week-to-week attendance basis.

SOMC can go on the road with the iDon’t iWon’t message and provide educational prevention topics at your school, business or civic group.  Call 740.356.2552 for more information.

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Stop Smoking.


Freedom from Smoking® Adult Cessation Program

Freedom From Smoking® (American Lung Association) teaches proven techniques and offers personal support to help you quit for good. Behavior change is a process. By helping smokers develop a plan of action leading up to quit day and providing the support they need to remain smoke free, this program maximizes the chances of success. The in-person clinic option is delivered in a small group setting to give participants personalized attention and the support of their peers. A clinic is eight sessions over a seven week period and includes lectures, group discussion and skill practice. Medication management is also provided each week of attendance. We are willing to hold sessions in your place of business if so desired with a minimum of five participants. An ongoing smoking support group is available after attending the seven week session. For more information please call 740.356.2720.

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NOT on Tobacco®

NOT on Tobacco® (American Lung Association) is a five week cessation program that is tailored for teens aged 12-18 to help them kick the tobacco habit. Small group sessions lead by an SOMC facilitator help teens identify why they use tobacco, the benefits of quitting, triggers and coping mechanisms, and how to gain others’ support. The program also empowers teen participants to be peer advocates for living a healthy lifestyle. For more information on NOT please call 740.356.2720.


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