Laboratory Services

The SOMC Clinical Laboratory's mission is to provide high-quality, precise and accurate testing in a timely manner. The laboratory provides testing on tissue specimens and biological fluids. This state-of-the-art laboratory provides the very latest cutting edge equipment and highly trained personnel to meet its mission.

All of our analyzer systems are interfaced with our laboratory computer systems and barcoding is used for patient safety. Test results are automatically transferred to the patient's electronic laboratory record. Test results are verified by the technician or technologist and immediately printed on the nursing unit where the patient is located.

Our Laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists, the Joint Commission, and CLIA-88 Certification.


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The Chemistry Laboratory provides testing of metabolites and enzymes. These analytes help provide diagnosis in many diseases or conditions such as heart attacks, diabetes, kidney diseases, and others.


The Hematology Laboratory processes whole blood specimens for cell counting and morphology evaluation. Radio frequency, laser studies and impedance technology identify the white and red blood cells and platelets. The identification of these cells helps the physicians in their diagnosis and treatment.

Coagulation studies, medication monitoring, and urinalysis are also performed in this area of the laboratory.

Blood Bank

Blood Bank stores and processes blood for patients needing transfusions. The technician/technologist performs a crossmatch to make sure that the blood the patient receives is compatible, i.e., contains no dangerous proteins that could cause a reaction.

In addition, antibody evaluations to resolve complex blood compatibility problems are performed. Prenatal evaluations and serologic testing are also performed by the Blood Bank technicians.

Therapeutic Apheresis

SOMC Lab offers Outpatient Therapeutic Apheresis. This is a procedure in which blood is taken from the patients body and centrifuged in a sterile machine. The machine separates the blood and cleans out the unwanted parts such as "bad plasma" or too many white blood cells. The clean blood is put back into the body, similar to dialysis. Therpeutic Apheresis can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions including sickle cell disease, Myasthenia Gravis and Guillian Barre. Contact SOMC Lab or your physician for further information about the treatment.

Anatomic Pathology and Cytology

All tissue specimens sent to the Laboratory have microscopic studies. The tissues are put through a series of chemicals to prepare them for examination by the pathologist. The pathologist examines the stained tissue on a slide and renders a diagnosis. The report is then sent to the physician.

The Cytology Laboratory processes body fluids and pap smears. If the body fluid or pap smear contains abnormal cell types, they can be seen with the aid of a microscope once the cells are stained. The cytotechnologist and pathologist examine the slides and send the reports to the ordering physician.


Patient specimens from all body areas are sent to the Microbiology Laboratory to determine which bacterium, virus, fungus or parasite is causing an infectious disease. Comprehensive testing methods are performed by experienced medical technologists using state of the art instrumentation. In many cases, bacteria from the specimens are grown on specialized media and identified by rapid biological or serological testing. Disease-producing bacteria are tested against an array of antibiotics to determine those that would best treat the infection.

Many other studies related to infectious diseases are performed in the Microbiology Laboratory, including complete parasite identification, amplified DNA probes, rapid enzyme immunoassays, and fluorescent microscopy.


Current Laboratory Draw Sites

Main Campus (24hours) 1805 27th Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

 Call (740) 356-8280

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Braunlin Building Third floor Room 303
Outpatient hours 7a-5p
Monday - Friday
1711 27th Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

 Call (740) 356-6580

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Fulton Building Suite 102
Outpatient hours 8:30a-5p
1611 27th Street
Monday - Friday
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

 Call (740) 356-8705

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Wheelersburg Urgent Care (Outpatient walk in 8a-8p) 7 days a week
8770 Ohio River Road
Wheelersburg, Ohio 45694

 Call (740) 574-9090

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Minford Family Practice 7a-10a Thursdays
8792 State Route 335
Minford, Ohio 45653
*EKG not offered at this site*

 Call (740) 820-2141

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Portsmouth Urgent Care Center (Outpatient walk in 8a-8p)
7 days a week
Waller and 18th Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

 Call (740) 356-7920

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SOMC Vanceburg Family Practice &
Speciality Associates
8a-5p (Closed 12p-1p) Monday - Friday
207 Plummers Lane
Vanceburg, Ky 41179

 Call (606) 796-0010

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Urgent Care Center Waverly 8a-8p  7 days a week
835 W. Emmitt Ave
Waverly, Ohio 45690

 Call (740) 947-7662

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Schirrman Lab8:00 am to 5:30 pm M-Thurs closed for lunch 12:30 – 1:30, 8:30 -12:30 Friday
723 Eighth Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

 Call (740) 356-5615

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West Union7am to 8pm Monday-Friday, 8am to 8pm Saturday-Sunday
90 CIC Boulevard
West Union, OH 45693

 Call (937) 544-5959

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For More Information:

Bridget Scott MT (ASCP) SBBAdministrative Director of Laboratory Services

 Call (740) 356-8685

Beth Carnes, MLT (ASCP)Assistant Lab Manager-Core Lab

 Call (740) 356-8228

Bev Meadows, MLT (ASCP)Transfustion Services & Education Manager

 Call (740) 356-8670  

Cristie Winters, MT (ASCP)Core Lab Manager

 Call (740) 356-8868

Tim Cassity, PhDClinical Microbiologist

 Call (740) 356-8635

Patty Delabar, MT (ASCP)Point of Care Coordinator and Accreditation Coordinator

 Call (740) 356-8350

Deanna PooleLaboratory Information Systems

 Call (740) 356-8028

Cheryl Eichenlaub, MT (ASCP)Lab Support Services Manager

 Call (740) 356-8865

Chris Day, MLTLaboratory Instrument Interface Specialist

 Call (740) 356-8203

Chad Bentley, MLSPath, Micro, and Safety Manager

 Call (740) 356-8217

David Hunter, MLTAssisstant Lab Manager – Core Lab eves/nights

 Call (740) 356-8280