Maternity Services

You have been preparing for your special day for a long time, and so have we. Our Maternity Unit is 14 private rooms prepared for labor, delivery, recovery, and post-partum. You will not have to transfer from one area to another. We also have Triage rooms for your care if you need to be seen for testing but don't need an admission. The Operating room for Cesarean births is located within the Maternity unit so your family can stay on the unit during your surgery, and you will be returned immediately to your room for recovery.

Your baby will stay in your room during your stay and our nursing staff will assist you with care. We have an Intermediate Nursery if your baby should need more extensive care or testing.


For more information, call

 (740) 356-8405



Keeping you and your new baby safe

Safety is our top priority at Southern Ohio Medical Center. We have two systems in place to keep you and your baby safe. There is an Infant Security System within our unit and your baby will wear a tag from the time of birth to discharge for safety. Maternity is also a controlled access unit, meaning that the main entry