Pulmonary Diagnostic Lab

The determination of pulmonary function and assessment of the degree of impairment present are essential components of the clinical evaluation in any patient who complains of respiratory symptoms.

Conditions suitable for referral to the Pulmonary Diagnostic Lab include:


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Our diagnostic testing includes:

Bedside Spirometry

This is designed for in-patients who are unable or too unstable to transport to the lab. It includes:

This monitors acid/base balance.

Complete Pulmonary Function Testing

This involves more detail in spirometry tracing, usually with pre and post bronchodialator testing, which will include the following.

Nitrogen Washout

This determines lung volume by "washing" the lungs (breathing 100% oxygen) for up to seven minutes. It determines the end-expiratory nitrogen concentration.


This test is diagnostic of restrictive lung disease, evaluation of resistence to airflow.


This test measures the resistance to diffusion of gasses across the alveolocapillary membrane. It is also known as the DLCO test.

Metabolic Testing

This testing provides metabolic measurements using indirect calorimetry for determination of oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, respiratory quotient and resting energy expenditure as an aid to patient nutritional assessment and management, assessment of weaning success and outcome.

Bronchial Provocation Challenge

This measures the airway to inhaled chemical mediators acting as an irritant. It is clinically used to measure response of bronchial reactivity, either by the drugs Aridol or Methacholine and/or Exercise Induced Challenge.

Pulmonary Stress Testing

This testing provides an objective assessment of exercise and related symptoms. The test is done using the ergometer (exercise bike) and we monitor the respiratory and cardiac data while the patient exercises on the bike. The test includes:

Testing to determine the degree of oxygen desaturation of patient.

FeNO Testing

A test that measures a simple, accessible biomarker that can detect inflammation of airways.

Treatments Offered:

Bronchial Thermoplasty for Chronic Asthma

SOMC is offering an innovative new treatment to help patients suffering from chronic asthma called Bronchial Thermoplasty.  Unlike inhaled medications, it goes to the source of the problem, using heat to open up your airways.