SOMC Breast Center

The SOMC Women's Center, located on the Main Campus, provides access to mammography and other breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The mission of the Women's Center is to provide excellence in diagnostic services, education, and support for women and their families in our community.

The SOMC Women's Center has installed the Lorad Selenia, considered one of the most refined digital mammography technologies available. The new technology is part of a complete renovation and expansion of the center, located on the ground floor of the hospital adjacent to the outpatient MRI/CT Center. Full-field digital mammography enhances the capability of physicians to detect conditions of the breast. With this new digital technology, images can be transferred across a network, allowing several experts to view the image at the same time. The image can also be manipulated on-screen to improve diagnostic capability.

The Women's Center was designed with women in mind with special attention to client privacy. The center provides:

The Women's Center is staffed with licensed mammography technologists committed to providing the highest quality images available.

The mastectomy patient can obtain a free consultation and/or fitting of different styles of breast prosthesis and bras. The patient is fitted by a registered nurse. Call (740) 356-8171 to schedule an appointment. Assistance is also provided to women for insurance billing of the prosthesis.


To schedule an appt call

 (740) 356-8128

 (800) 638-3978

For Mammogram or Bone Mineral Density Tests speak with the Central Scheduling Department