How do I prepare?

No special preparation is required.

What are considered routine x-rays?

Chest, abdomen, skull, neck, spine, arms & legs.

What will my exam be like?

You may or may not be instructed to change into a gown depending on what body part is being examined. It is best to come dressed in something without zippers or snaps. The technologist will greet you and ask a few questions about your identity and the reason you are being tested. If there is a chance that you may be pregnant, please let the technologist know before your exam. The technologist will either have you stand in front of a board, sit on a stool or lie on the x-ray table. (Depending on body part examined). A few x-ray images will be taken and the technologist will look at them before you leave to make sure all the information is there. Once your exams are read by our radiologists, it usually takes two to three business days for your doctor to get a copy of your report.

What do I do after the exam?

You may return to routine daily activities. Any questions or concern please contact your doctor or call the x-ray department at 356-8117.