Hearing Aids

Audiological Services - Adult and Pediatric

SOMC Neuro Rehab Department offers a full battery of audiological tests. These tests are specific to the needs of all clients from infants through geriatrics. SOMC uses a high risk questionnare to identify infants who are at risk for hearing impairment. As a follow up, we provide screening for all high risk infants born at SOMC.

A licensed Audiologist can evaluate hearing to assess the type and severity of hearing loss and determine appropriate follow up treatment. Some specialized tests include ABR, ENG, and Central Auditory Processing.


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Hearing Aid Distribution and Repair

The SOMC Neuro Rehab Department offers the latest in hearing aide technology including the new digital and programmable hearing aide devices. We work with several different hearing aide companies so we can present our patients with a variety of options when meeting their hearing aide needs at the best cost. All testing and fitting is completed by a licensed audiologist. This assures our clients they will receive a hearing aide that is appropriate for their type and severity of hearing loss.

All hearing aides come with a 30-day warranty. Our audiologist can also make minor repairs and we stock a variety of hearing aide batteries available for purchase. Payment plans through SOMC are also available upon request.