Lymphedema is a progressive disorder characterized by the impairment of the flow of water molecules from tissues to the blood. It arises after damage has occurred to thelymphatic system and resluts in abnormal accumulation of fluids, most typically seen in the upper extermities as result of breast cancer surgery. However, it can also occur in the lower extremities. Some other common symptoms of lymphedema include chronic inflammation and tissue fibrosis.

SOMC Rehab Services offers a specific program for the Therapeutic Management of Lymphedema for both upper and lower extremities.

The method is called Comprehensive Decongestive Therapy (CDT). Our Lymphedema specialists have received training for specific massage protocols, compression wrapping, exercises, and skin care techniques to aid in the effective management of lymphedema.

When these special therapeutic techniques and protocols are utilized, the patient can experience significant relief from the effects of Lymphedema and learn to manage their condition in the future.


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