Sports Motion Program

The Sports Plus Program is offered through the SOMC Outpatient Rehab Department. This program features state-of-the-art equipment such as our new 1800 square foot area of astro turf and the new Biodex System 3 unit. Injury-specific rehabilitation protocols are used to maximize performance gains and minimize length of recovery. Slow motion video analysis may be utilized to further assess subtle variations in movement patterns. The purpose of the Sports Plus program is to help the athlete return to competitive sports faster and at a higher level of performance than with traditional rehab programs.

See our Aquatic Therapy section for more information on pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation.


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Program goals

Any person participating in competitive sports who is having difficulties related to an injury may be an appropriate candidate for Sports Plus. Patients range from professional athletes to "weekend warriors." All Sports Plus participants require a physician's referral.