Stroke Program

The SOMC Neuro Rehab Department offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary rehabilitation program that will assist persons recovering from a stroke to regain the highest level of function possible. This interdisciplinary approach is comprised of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Audiology services. Our program encourages involvement of family members and caretakers so that a patient and the family can be more confident and comfortable when that patient is at home. We also provide an intense stroke education program and support group called Moving Forward.


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Physical Therapy

Licensed professionals work with the patient to improve, as needed, the lower body's movement and strength, coordination, balance and endurance. The emphasis of care is to enhance the patient's independence with everyday skills such as dressing, walking, negotiating stairs, reaching, crouching and other movement skills. Fall prevention and other safety issues are also addressed.

Occupational Therapy

Licensed professionals work with the patient on components such as upper body movement and strengthening, fine motor dexterity skills, sensory loss, balance and endurance. Goals center around improving independence with personal care tasks including feeding, bathing dressing and toileting, as well as household activities such as cooking, cleaning, and money management. Other specialized treatment modalities may include splinting to improve joint mobility and driving evaluation. Education can be provided to address safety concerns and conservation of energy. Return-to-work readiness can be assessed and a treatment plan designed to prepare patients for re-entry into the work force.

Speech Therapy

Licensed professionals address limitations in understanding speech, expressing language; voice, swallowing, memory, attention span, sequencing concepts and maintaining concentration Goals are to improve independence with daily cognition, eating and communication.

For more information about stroke, visit the web site of the American Stroke Association