Transitional Return to Work Program

Since 1995, we have provided area employers with the opportunity to take advantage of the Transitional Return to Work Program. This program helps injured workers return to work as quickly and safely as possible. While an injured employee may need time to heal before returning to his or her original job level, he or she may be able to gradually build back up to that level-while working. This allows the employee to contribute and be productive at the work site, but remain safe during the recovery process.

With the Transitional Return to Work Program, SOMC therapists work with the physician and the company to identify safe work tasks that place the injured worker at the highest level of productivity within physical limitations. As part of the evaluation process, therapists from SOMC will visit your company and complete a comprehensive job evaluation. They will also work with the employee's physician to develop a plan to gradually progress the restricted employee to full duty. During this transitional time, the transitional work specialist from SOMC will visit the job site, available for consultation, and will keep the rehabilitation team informed of the employee's progress.

This early intervention program returns injured workers back to the work site safely, reduces lost-time and lowers costs. For more information about the Transitional Return to Work Program or other services, please contact us at:


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