iDon’t--iWon’t Pledges

Total Number of Pledges: 46

Danielle Berger

My entire family

February 04, 2015

Jennifer Mackey

Because being healthy is important to me!

January 21, 2015

Rebecca Allen

For my kids

January 20, 2015

Katie Botts

My grandfather died from lung cancer due to smoking and I can’t stand to see anyone else go through that

January 03, 2015

Katherine Gregory

Family members who have passed

December 10, 2014

Avery Joseph Reed

I hate hearing about how many people die from smoking.

October 27, 2014



October 04, 2014

Kelli Richardson

Smoking is disgusting and it smells

September 28, 2014

Ali Ball

To better the health of others and myself and to be a good example to those around me by abstaining from the use of tobacco products!

August 31, 2014

Zoey Vaughn

My grandma passed away from Lung Cancer, and I don’t want that in my future.

June 28, 2014