CMS Hospital Compare Ratings

What is Hospital Compare?

Hospital Compare was created through the efforts of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in order to help you make decisions about where you get your healthcare. Hospital Compare has information about the quality of care at over 4,000 Medicare-certified hospitals across the country. By publicly displaying each hospital's quality data, it also encourages hospitals to improve the quality of care they provide. At SOMC, we are proud of the quality that we provide to our community, and we encourage you to examine our quality results and compare us to our competitors when making decisions about your healthcare needs.

What information is available on Hospital Compare?

Hospital Compare offers a "snapshot" of quality for hospitals in your area on the following aspects of healthcare:

How do I navigate the Hospital Compare website? -From the Hospital Compare home page, you will be able to perform a search by location (using Zip code or City, State). This will give you a list of facilities within 50 miles of the zip code or city that you entered. Optionally, you may also include a specific hospital name if you would like to look at the quality results of a specific hospital that you have in mind. Once the search is resulted, you may modify your results by increasing your search area beyond 50 miles or search by state or county.

Each facility's name, distance from your area, hospital type, and availability of emergency services will be displayed. You may select a hospital's name to target that specific hospital or you can check the box next to two or more hospitals that you would like to compare. If you check two or more facilities' boxes, select the "Compare Now" button at the top or bottom of the page. This will bring up the before mentioned aspects of healthcare represented as tabs at the top of the page. Each tab will have quality measures with the selected facilities' results listed side by side for you to directly compare.

If you select "View Graphs," bar graphs demonstrating the comparative results will be displayed. Additionally, state and national averages will also be displayed next to the facilities' results for each indicator. Lastly, there is another option to "View Details" which will allow you to view the same information via tables if that is your preference.

Hospital Compare Results

The Hospital Compare site was last updated on January, 2016 and is updated on a quarterly basis. SOMC updates this section quarterly as new data becomes available.


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