SOMC Development Foundation

SOMC Development Foundation

Who we are

Our community is full of people who dedicate their time and service toward philanthropic causes. With the help of our community, SOMC Employees and volunteers, we have been able to support many projects.
At the SOMC Development Foundation, our mission is to make a difference by identifying the community’s health and wellness needs while bridging the gap between those needs and the cost of the solutions. The SOMC Development Foundation encompasses fundraising efforts for Hospice, Cancer, Employee Relief, Heart & Vascular, Pediatrics, Community Health and Wellness, Nursery Bereavement, the Endowment Fund and the areas of greatest need. These funds generate much needed support and enable SOMC to continually deliver extraordinary care for future generations to come. We consider it our responsibility to serve our community, and we take pride in doing so.
We’re here to make a difference in our community.  Our goal is to help provide much needed resources that will help sustain the needs of our community members.
We encompass fundraising efforts to help support the initiatives throughout Southern Ohio Medical Center and our community.  This support ranges from the purchase of new equipment & technology to upgrading facilities as well as other community projects that engage our community’s health and wellness needs.  Support and funds raised by the Development Foundation enable SOMC to respond to challenges and new opportunities as they arise.

Our Staff

Ben Gill  

Ben Gill

President and CEO Chief Development Officer
Phone: (740) 356-8338
Email: [email protected]

Angela Coburn  

Angela Wells-Coburn

Director of Community Relations & Development
Phone: (740) 356-5687
Email: [email protected]

Hayley Burchett  

Hayley Burchett

Donor Relations Coordinator
Phone: (740) 356-5650
Email: [email protected]

Mary Arnzen  

Mary Arnzen

Major Gift & Planned Giving Officer
Phone: (740) 356-5609
Email: [email protected]

Erica Austin  

Erica Austin

Development Database Specialist
Phone: (740) 356-5660
Email: [email protected]

The need for support

For community hospitals all across the country, the importance of fundraising has been emphasized by external factors: healthcare costs are rising, the uninsured/under insured population remains large, the payer mix is poor, federal reimbursement is dwindling and the cost of medical technology is high. At SOMC, we offer programs and services that patients need but our community’s health and wellness needs continue to grow – we need your help in meeting these new needs.

Capital Projects:

  • SOMC Inpatient Hospice Center
  • Friends Community Center
  • SOMC Life Centers
  • SOMC Newborn Nursery

Other Support:

  • End-of-life wishes for hospice patients
  • Electronic cats for hospice Alzheimer patients
  • A care pantry for cancer patients
  • Car seats for children in need
  • The SOMC Hospice dog, Ray
  • Hand massages for patients going through chemotherapy
  • SOMC Hospice expansion and renovation
  • Perinatal Bereavement Kits, pamphlets, books, keepsake impressions, keepsake memory box, photo access and burial outfits for mothers and their families who have unfortunately experienced a perinatal loss
  • A dietitian for cancer patients


Hope Guild

  • President – Sandy Cable
  • Vice President – Joann Hall
  • Secretary – Joyce White
  • Treasurer – Goldie Griffith

Completed Projects in FY21

  • Books Are Fun Sale
  • Scioto Shoe Mart

Kardia Guild

  • President – Karen Wood
  • Vice President – Eloise White
  • Secretary – Carla Scifres
  • Treasurer – Rose Havens

Completed Projects in FY21

  • Scrub Central Scrub Sale

Pediatric Guild

  • President – Glenna Arnett
  • Vice President – Janel Davis
  • Treasurer – Katie Shirey
  • Secretary – Angela Byers

Completed Projects in FY21

  • Mary’s Spirit Shop
  • Wreath Sale
  • Matilda Jane

Pleasure Guild

  • President – Mary Moore
  • Vice President – Shelby Powell
  • Secretary / Treasurer – Elaine Lytten

Completed Projects in FY21

  • Jet’s Gourmet Popcorn

Scioto Guild

  • President – Linda Browne
  • Vice President – Carol Davis
  • Secretary – Mary Harold
  • Treasurer – Betty Applegate

Completed Projects in FY21

  • Books Are Fun

Service Guild

  • President – Karen Evans
  • Vice President – Saundra Wheeler
  • Secretary – Ruth Logan
  • Treasurer – Shelby Powell

Completed Projects in FY21

  • Rada

Click here to be a volunteer (18+ years), or click here to become a Junior volunteer.

Additional Resources

Board Members

The SOMC Development Foundation is proud to be supported by a dedicated board comprised of various community leaders.

Community Partners

Learn how your organization can be recognized during upcoming SOMC events.

Give to Hospice

Since it first opened in 2008, the SOMC Inpatient Hospice Center has operated on the idea that expectations for end-of-life care should not be met – instead, they should be transcended. With your help, we can extend that level of care to more families than ever.


Hear firsthand how the SOMC Development Foundation is making a difference for families and patients in our area.

Where Can You Donate?

Donations to the SOMC Development Foundation support a number of funds, including Hospice, Cancer, Employee Relief, Heart & Vascular, Pediatrics, Community Health and Wellness, the areas of greatest need and the Endowment.