Questions to ask the Manager/Supervisor about the position for which you are applying:

  1. Tell me about the necessary skills to do this job.
  2. What makes a successful candidate for this position?
  3. What would make an unsuccessful candidate?
  4. Why have people left this position previously?
  5. What is the most difficult part of this job?
  6. Tell me about the hours and schedule for this position.
  7. Tell me about the work environment.
  8. What education and training is available to enhance my skills for career advancement in your department or in the organization..
  9. Tell me about what your department/unit measures.
  10. Tell me about patient centered care.
  11. Tell me about the support that employees get to help them be successful.
  12. Tell me why I should work on your unit/department.
  13. How do employees know about what is expected of them?
  14. Tell me about the orientation to the unit/department.
  15. Tell me about the evaluation process for this position.
  16. Tell me about the Standards of Behavior at SOMC.
  17. Tell me about the dress code for this position.
  18. Tell me about a typical day for an employee in this position.
  19. Can I shadow an employee that is in this position?
  20. Do you believe that I have received a “Realistic Job Preview” of this position?





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